Ancient wisdom to heal our modern time

Do you know the actual history of our evolution on this planet?

Are you aware that women were at the center of the very long development of human culture and civilization?

Patriarchy—although a recent (5000-year-old) phenomenon—has been effective globally in the way that a virus is—spreading everywhere through conquest and replication, erasing the universal language of the Goddess from the foreground and colonizing minds and bodies.

But deep in the center of our psyches, we remember and we can tap into the ancient experience of peace and sustainability that is our birthright.


A 2 - month investigative journey

with Vicki Noble MA


From october 27th to December 15th 2022

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We are living in highly turbulent times. We are desperate for hope and a new paradigm.

The voluminous work of Lithuanian archaeologist, Marija Gimbutas, has been a foundational guide in the vibrant scholarly and spiritual work of Vicki Noble for four decades.

Gimbutas was revered in feminist spirituality circles and independent audiences but reviled by the British and American archaeological establishments to this day.

Recent DNA studies have overturned the status quo and shown that the theories of Gimbutas—so long considered “controversial”—are unequivocally proven to be true: What she understood through the brilliance of her archaeology, linguistics, folk, and prehistory studies, DNA evidence has now corroborated and confirmed.

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You are invited to embark on a life-changing 2-month intellectual journey with Scholar and Wise Woman Vicki Noble, who invites you to take a deep dive with her into the groundbreaking and revolutionary work of Gimbutas — its importance to us then and now.

On this journey, you will:


Understand how intuition, caring, nurturing, good relationship, and renewal of life were the underlying values of the earliest and most successful civilization ever created on this planet 

Realize that degraded masculine values and behaviors have brought us to the brink of extinction

Understand how women’s governance and spiritual leadership made long-term peace and sustainability possible, even as populations increased exponentially

Discover ways of bringing our world back into balance based on the model of Old Europe and the egalitarian Danube Culture

Modify your outlook on female authority in society and reassess your own life in regard to this contemporary challenge

Align your true nature with your professional and personal skills to envision and create new (ancient) imprints on earth.

Commit to a manifestation of this vision in real life right now as an antidote to the hopelessness and helplessness felt by so many in this time.

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To guide you on this journey, Vicki Noble will synthesize and bring forward the evidence-based theories and interdisciplinary concepts of Marija Gimbutas into the present day, examining their relevance for us at this moment in the face of the existential crisis in which we find ourselves.

Are you ready to imagine and reclaim the “civilization of the Goddess”? Knowing that we have mainly lived in peace on Earth makes it possible to visualize peace and equality in our future. Knowing that the Earth has truly unlimited regenerative capacities means that literally, anything might be possible!

The sacred and magical roles women once performed can be an inspiration to transpose this vision to our modern life through our unified will.

Through this journey, Vicki will uncover a holistic model of human values, behaviors, and social organization that could potentially save the future of life on this planet. 

Do you feel called to reclaim your roots and be awakened to real possibility? 

Let us take back our powers and recreate the template for a loving and sustainable society for our children’s children!


Vicki Noble is a radical feminist healer, author, independent scholar and wisdom teacher. Born in 1947 and raised in Iowa, she awakened to the Goddess and Women's Spirituality on her arrival in Berkeley, CA in 1976. Through a shamanic healing crisis, she opened psychically to the healing, art, yoga and divination processes that led to the co-creation of the Motherpeace tarot images. 

Since then she has written numerous books, including Motherpeace (1983), Shakti Woman (1991), Ritual and Practices with the Motherpeace Tarot (1998/2003), and the Double Goddess (2003). With Miriam Robbins Dexter, she recently co-edited an anthology, Foremothers of the Women's Spirituality Movement: Elders and Visionaries (2015).

Vicki has developed a powerful public ritual healing process, in which participants perform hands-on healing in the context of drumming and chanting.

She teaches and lectures internationally, and has led tours of women on pilgrimage to sacred Goddess sites around the world. She taught for two decades in Women's Spirituality Masters Programs at CIIS and New College in San Francisco, and finally at ITP/Sophia University in Palo Alto,CA.

Since 2006, much of her time has been spent teaching regularly in Italy, where most of her books have been published in Italian and she has developed a following of women who study and practice her adapted Tibetan Buddist Dakini practices.

Vicki is a professional astrologer with a focus on Goddess archetypes and healing for individuals or couples. In her readings (on phone, zoom, or in person) she utilizes natal, transit, and progressed charts.

As a mentor to women, Vicki facilitates private tutorials in Santa Cruz, California, for those interested in teachings and practices of Goddess spirituality, Motherpeace Certification, Matriarchal Studies, and Female Empowerment. Since 2001, she has adapted and customized Tibetan Buddhist Dakini practices for her students of Goddess spirituality, who come for three to five days of intensive one-on-one learning.

Vicki lives in Santa Cruz near her daughters (Robyn and Brooke) and son Aaron (the subject of her 1994 book, Down is Up for Aaron Eagle), plus three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. When she isn't working or babysitting, she watches whales in the Monterey Bay, gardens, and keeps bees.

Artwork by Marie Jozan 

About Wise Woman of the World


Wise Women of the World is an intergenerational project Claire Jozan-Meisel imagined a couple of years ago and birthed with the support of Vanina Grisoni.

Its goal is to give a voice to some foremothers of feminine spirituality and spread their wisdom widely through online platforms, thus allowing the youngest to receive teachings from elders across the globe. Universal knowledge through the eyes of females experience is what WWW is gifting the world.

Blessed be!

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